After establishing a company office in a foreign country, Foreign companies need to contact and work with customers and partners regularly. Therefore, foreign companies often look to major carriers to find international roaming services. However, this service often has a high cost of use, which has caused many businesses to look for an alternative solution. Global Link Incorporation has successfully researched and tested the international phone number service solution.

In this article, let’s explore how our range of phone number services and how they can help you bring your business to the next level!

1. Call Forwarding solution

1.1 Call Forwarding – a simple solution to connect to customers in multiple countries

Call forwarding is a function that redirects incoming calls to another phone number. Calls can be forwarded to another number that can be a cell phone, landline, softphone, and voicemail, and can even be forwarded to multiple destinations at one time.

1.2 Top benefits of International Call Forwarding to business

The top benefits that an international or remote call forwarding service brings to any business are:

  • Make your business reachable: Making your business reachable and accessible is important for all businesses. Customers trust a company that responds to them and resolves issues quickly. If they struggle to get a hold of you, your customers may take their business elsewhere.
  • Increase your local and international presence: business call forwarding improves a business’ global reach. It helps you build a global presence without significantly increasing the cost of operation.
  • Cost-effective: Call forwarding is a great alternative to the costly Roaming service. Compared to International Roaming, Call Forwarding has more advantages:
    • Registration costs can be paid on an annual basis.
    • Roaming costs 20 times more
    • Very good call quality
    • It is simple to modify the phone number that will receive redirected incoming calls.
    • Simple online payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal are available.

1.3 Global Link Incorporation helps businesses implement the most reliable Call Forwarding service

Business owners can register phone numbers in any country, and Global Link Incorporation will assist you in forwarding incoming calls from this registered number to another phone number of your choice. Our Call Forwarding Service allows companies to register phone numbers from over 60 countries, including Singapore, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and others.

For example: Mr. Leong, who lives in Malaysia, sets up a firm in Singapore with a branch in Australia. Instead of registering two phone numbers (in Singapore and Australia) and and enabling roaming for both, he now just has to register two phone numbers in Singapore (+ 65………) and Australia (+ 61……) and use our Call Forwarding services. When his partners or clients call, the calls will be redirected to his Malaysian phone number, (+60) 016…xxx.

With Global Link Incorporation’s distinctive Call Forwarding service, your business will have an international phone number that undoubtedly boosts your credibility and professionalism.

  • Customers can buy local and toll-free call forwarding numbers online and start taking calls within minutes
  • Our dedicated consultants are always ready to go the extra mile to help
  • We offer lower pricing compared to giant telecom operators that have high prices due to their inefficiencies
  • We serve worldwide coverage with the availability of numbers from even the most remote countries
  • We bring businesses simple ordering process and fast delivery (numbers activated within minutes)

2. SIM Card Service

2.1 Top benefits of having a phone number in Singapore/ Hong Kong/ the US

  • Owning a Singapore/ Hong Kong/the US landline phone number from a trusted provider enhances your business’s credibility and sense of authority with customers and business partners when transacting. A phone number is also required for certain invoices, contracts, emails, or other business transactional information.
  • Phone numbers help meet frequent authentication needs from online platforms: businesses are promoting their products and services on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram or on their websites built on Shopify, WordPress, and so on.

An example of this would be YouTubers who create content to earn money from ads and views. Facebook, Youtube are now requiring users to provide a Utility Bill as Proof of Address to verify that they are an actual person posting transparently on social networks. With a post-paid phone number, businesses can use phone bill from a telco provider as Proof of Address.

2.2 Types of SIM Card in Singapore/ HongKong/ US

As in many other countries, mobile services can be divided into prepaid and postpaid plans. Although the payment method is different, the same basic services are provided, including answering, calling domestically or internationally, roaming, receiving messages, 4G service, etc. The difference is the payment methods for the service.

  • For a prepaid sim, you need to top up your account in advance to use all functions.
  • For a postpaid sim, you need to pay a usage fee along with a minimum monthly subscription fee at the end of each month.

2.3 The importance of postpaid sim for foreign businesses

Foreign businesses have a postpaid SIM that can be used to get an address verification utility bill with services such as Google, Facebook, etc.

For Businesses in Hong Kong, USA, etc, it is necessary to verify that the Facebook account is a legal entity by confirming the correct phone number and mailing address for the Business.

3. Global Link Incorporation helps you register a SIM Card with time deliverability, supportive and professional services

A lot has changed with the phone number registration due to COVID 19. To apply and register a new SIM, all necessary documents need to be provided to Global Link Incorporation office in Singapore.

Understanding the importance of having a phone number in Singapore/Hong Kong for businesses, Global Link Incorporation can assist customers with registering a Singapore/Hong Kong phone number to get a bill swiftly and affordably. Global Link Incorporation, with many years of experience working in the Singapore and worldwide markets, can advise on the type of service that best matches the needs of the business, assisting in obtaining the number in the shortest time feasible with the most reasonable cost.