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The phrase “consular legality/apostille,” also known as document certifications, has lately gained popularity as a result of the increased need for foreign investment, international business, and relocation to other nations. Unless they are “consular legalized,” official papers and documents issued in one nation have no legal significance in another. In other words, in order for official papers and documents issued in other nations to be recognized and utilized in other countries, they must be certified at foreign countries’ Consulates in their home or acceptable state.

Global Link Incorporation will completely explain the entire consular legalization/apostillation procedure to help you to know if you need it.

Main content:

  1. What is consular legalization in a foreign country?
  2. When must your papers and documents be consular legalized?
  3. What is the process of consular legalization in a foreign nation
  4. Consular legalization services by Global Link Incorporation

1. Consular legalization in a foreign country

The consular legalization/apostillation only confirms stamps, signatures, and titles on papers and documents, not their contents or forms. As a result, in order to be recognized and utilized in other countries, international papers and documents must be consular legalized/apostilled at foreign countries’ Consulates in the country of issue or in the country of acceptance.

For example: In order for the British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) Certificate of Good Standing to be legally recognized in Singapore, it must be consular legalized by the Singaporean Consulate in the BVI, as Singapore recognises consular legalization/apostillation.


  1. Only soft copies of official papers (provided by the government of the consular legalization state) are necessary for information verification.
  2. Originals of official papers (issued by the governments of foreign nations) are required to verify their legitimacy.
  3. Other papers and documents are necessary for the stamps and signatures to be certified.

→ Consular legalization/apostillation is essentially a technique for certifying the legal value of foreign papers and documents, as well as authenticating the stamps, signatures, and titles on these documents.

2. Papers and documents must be consular legalized

You need to consular legalize documents for the following situations:

  • To register a bank account or set up a branch office in other countries, foreign enterprises must have legalized paperwork and documentation.
  • Businesses having international branch offices are required by their mother company’s governmental authorities or banks to present consular legalization paperwork of relevant offices.
  • Foreigners or students with foreign degrees wish to get their degrees consular validated for use in other countries.
  • Foreigners who marry foreigners and need their identification documents to be consular validated.
  • Other conditions must be met.

Papers and papers to be consular authorized with Global Link Incorporation’s assistance:

  • Certificate of Enterprise Registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Director of Shareholders
    Profile of the Company
    Personal/Corporate Bank Statement
    Visa – Passport
    Various other papers

Many foreigners may face difficulties as a result of “consular legalization,” which must begin in the nations where these official papers and documents are issued. Due to linguistic problems, not all document holders are well-versed in the order and method of consular legalization. This may result in unexpected and needless charges throughout the consular legalization procedure.

Global Link Incorporation recognizes the worries and difficulties of consular legalization for foreigners living abroad, thus we would like to assist with consular legalization in a simple and time-efficient manner at a fair fee.

3. The process of consular legalization in a foreign nation

Any country’s consular legalization/apostillation of papers and documents must follow these steps:

  1. Prepare documents and papers issued by foreign governments.
  2. Authenticate these papers and documents at foreign Consulates in the country of issuance or acceptance.
  3. Check that in that state, diplomatic certification is required.
  4. Get diplomatic certification from that state’s Foreign Affairs Department or foreign Consulate.
  5. Prepare notarized translation if needed (this can be done yourselves to save cost).

Now, the paperwork and documentation are complete and suitable for usage in a foreign country.

4. Consular legalization services by Global Link Incorporation

The consultation process for consular legalization//apostillation in foreign countries by Global Link Incorporation is as follows:

  1. Provide telephone consultation: Global Link Incorporation must receive information in order to know the customers’ requirements and provide a realistic solution.
  2. Receive dossiers of papers or documents to be consular legalized/apostilled : all papers and documents must be digitized and emailed to Global Link Incorporation.
  3. Check and send the dossiers to the legalization nation: Once the dossier scans are received, Global Link Incorporation will send them to the issuing country to determine whether the dossiers are full and valid for consular legalization/apostillation .
  4. Advise the cost: Global Link Incorporation must notify clients of the exact cost and projected completion date.
  5. Continue with the legalization: Upon agreement confirmation and receipt of the money, Global Link Incorporation will begin sending the dossiers to foreign countries for consular legalization/apostillation . Please keep in mind that the dossiers sent to the nation for consular legalization/apostillation may or may not be needed to be originals.

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