Open an international payment gateway for your business: All you need to know

If you are running an online business where most of your customers prefer to pay by credit or debit cards, then you might want to consider implementing PayPal Pro and it also allows people to make payments and transfer funds in a very fast way. PayPal Pro is an effective way for store owners to [...]

Should you open a Paypal Personal or Paypal Business account

1. PayPal Personal Account Personal accounts are the easiest and simplest type of PayPal account to sign up for. On top of handling basic online shopping, personal accounts also have a number of benefits to users: Allows users to shop on most e-commerce platforms and websites such as: eBay, Shopee, Shopify, etc. with your credit [...]

Steps to open a Paypal or Stripe payment account(and others gateways)

Has your company used PayPal services to effectively increase its productivity in receiving and transferring money? If you are already familiar with PayPal, consider using their lesser-known functions: MassPay and Reference Transactions. In this article, Global Link Asia Consulting will give an overview of PayPal’s Mass Pay and Reference Transactions for you to create effective [...]