If you are running an online business where most of your customers prefer to pay by credit or debit cards, then you might want to consider implementing PayPal Pro and it also allows people to make payments and transfer funds in a very fast way.

PayPal Pro is an effective way for store owners to build a fast and clean checkout flow for customers to pay easily. PayPal Pro also has other lesser-known benefits. So, what is PayPal Pro? How to register for it? And what benefits will it bring you? Let’s explore these topics with Global Link Asia Consulting.

1. PayPal Pro

According to PayPal’s official definition, PayPal Pro (also called PayPal Payments Pro) is a payment product that provides API connection between a website and PayPal. This allows customers to pay directly with debit or credit cards on a merchant’s website. The merchant can customize the API to create the best checkout process for their store.

Notes: PayPal Payments Pro is only offered to customers with PayPal Business “VIP” accounts that have done Underwriting with PayPal.

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2. Benefits of having PayPal Pro service

2.1 PayPal helps customers pay more conveniently

PayPal Pro helps you accept credit & debit cards for checkout, giving your customers the freedom to pay the way they want. They can pay with a card within your own store. And you won’t have to direct them to another website to process payment – As such, the checkout process stays stays fast, simple and secure! You need to accept credit and debit cards from North America, Asia Pacific, Australia, and South Africa.

Additionally, with PayPal Pro, customers are automatically stored and encoded for recurring payments. They don’t have to fill out their debit or credit card information again each time they make a purchase.


2.2 Significantly increases the conversion rate and time on site

Paypal Pro allows merchants to put up a form on their website that lets customers pay for products directly in the store. It’s so streamlined and simple! Customers only have to enter a few pieces of information and confirm everything is correct before submitting their payment.

These features will make it easier for business owners to improve key website analytics metrics such as Time on Site and Conversion Rate.

With PayPal Pro, Merchants are also better equipped to upsell other products to the same customers.

“Thought after we switched to PayPal Payments Pro, Transaction Completion Rate sharply increased from 75-80% to 98%.”

_Wayne Bower, Jedi-Robe.com_

2.3 Helps enterprises save operation and management time

Merchants can get their website set up with an API. Each time a sale is made, transaction information can be seamlessly recorded.

After each transaction is processed, money is immediately transferred to the merchant’s PayPal account in just a few minutes.

This feature also enables recurring payments without asking for customers’ payment information. It is thus particularly suitable for stores that sell software or goods with subscriptions. It also automatically debits customers’ debit or credit cards, which can reduce merchant worries about bad debts.

2.4 Helps enterprises significantly reduce transaction fees

Companies that choose to sign up for PayPal Business “VIP” accounts with PayPal Website Payment Pro usually have lower transaction fees than those on normal business accounts depending on their assessment by PayPal. Larger transaction amounts and volumes enjoy larger savings.

PayPal Pro is truly an excellent solution for brands who want to improve their customer-to-brand experience and their overall brand image. Especially for e-commerce entrepreneurs, this PayPal product has plenty of benefits.

PayPal is a great way for Merchants to receive payments from buyers in an easy and convenient manner, but Merchant accounts face the danger of being limited or limited in some cases.

If a potential buyer accounts as high-risk, then it will be more difficult for that Merchant to receive payment, which is why it’s always nice to consider filling out Underwriting when applying for PayPal Pro.

3. Register for PayPal Pro

3.1 When to register for PayPal Pro

Please note that in order to use PayPal Pro Merchant Accounts, the business must first be verified and underwritten by PayPal. This process typically takes at least 2 weeks so it is recommended that you start the Underwriting process at least a month before launch time. Contact Global Link Incorporation to learn more!

Often, this Underwriting process is done when a business is expecting a quick growth in revenue. Underwriting can be done on an existing or new PayPal Business account. Also, if the merchant’s current PayPal account is frequently limited by PayPal, they could try doing underwriting for a more stable operation.

If you have any question, contact Global Link Incorporation now! We can help you assess if your business is qualified to request PayPal underwriting. We will also advise you if this is a good time to do so. We will research the current situation of your business and PayPal account to offer the most suitable strategy.

3.2 How to register for PayPal Pro

Merchants who are eligible and suitable should prepare documents for the underwriting process before applying to upgrade PayPal Business to a Pro account. Depending on their business type, PayPal may require different documents and ask different questions. The key is that the documents must prove Merchant’s good performance and business history.

Contact Global Link Incorporation now for information about the most suitable time to do Underwriting. We will also guide you on how to prepare documents and answer PayPal’s required questions to build trust, save time, and increase the success rate.

3.3 Some challenges and solutions

PayPal Pro is only available to enterprise level business-registered accounts in certain countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, and Australia.

For example, if you’re a business located in India you have to have an enterprise registered in those countries before PayPal Pro can become available through our underwriting process. In most cases the best choice for businesses wanting to register is Singapore due to their transparent and efficient application process.

While using your PayPal account, you may violate operating guidelines and PayPal will place strict limitations on your account. However, opening another business account doesn’t always the answer since many businesses may be running along smoothly and therefore don’t necessarily need more than one PayPal account.

It is few PayPal account owners will be allowed to open an account on the platform, so it is good to have your company’s license and registration certificate ready. However, Dr. Hui Wang, PayPal’s Chief Risk Management Science Officer confirmed in a media interview that:


There is few individuals or businesses have enough knowledge or experience to quickly complete underwriting and register for PayPal Pro with the best results. However, these matters can be settled completely with a team of experienced and highly specialized consultants.

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