Establishing an online business and website can be difficult when it comes to getting the right amounts of traffic. To optimize your conversion rate, one must first consider how they may drive their customers effectively toward a desired action or goal.

If you have been using Paypal for a long time, you will know how important it is to verify the information regarding account users so as not to cause unnecessary mistakes that could potentially cause severe financial losses.

If your PayPal sales reached a certain volume, you will be required to complete an Underwriting review with PayPal. Global Link Consulting will provide relevant information as well as the experience we’ve gained from having helped many customers with their underwriting.

1. Paypal Underwriting

Underwriting is the process Paypal uses to evaluate whether or not a small business should be approved for a premium account. During the underwriting process, Paypal will evaluate the business data, how efficiently the business is run and whether it has met all applicable legal requirements. After the evaluation is complete, Paypal either approves or denies a small business’s request for an enhanced pay service account.

PayPal has a set of regulations in place as to how they want their platform to be used. The rules are strict and they are meant to protect customers.

Since Paypal is also responsible for stopping fraud and other unethical activities, it is important that all users follow these rules when making payments on any website:

  • For companies that use PayPal to receive a small amount of money each month: regardless of whether it’s a few pennies or just several hundred dollars, they can use a PayPal Business account to do this instead of going through the Underwriting process.
  • For companies with large monthly revenue (probably not a few hundred thousand US dollars): Paypal may request to have them submit documents for review to their Paypal business accounts.

2. Benefits of doing Underwriting

The Underwriting process to upgrade the PayPal Business accounts to PayPal Business VIP accounts is simple. All review steps are performed by PayPal’s specialists following a strict process. Doing Underwriting can bring many benefits such as:

  • Advantages of the Paypal business account: The transaction fees are usually a bit lower than with a standard account which helps to save money if the enterprise has already made a lot of transactions.
  • Account-holders can limit their exposure to the risks of having their accounts unexpectedly limited or suddenly closed. This also helps enterprises stabilize their cash flow and business activities.
  • E-commerce companies can gain access to a range of other premium services when they register using Paypal that help to improve their overall online business.
  • The integration of Paypal Pro and other Paypal premium services will create a more professional image for the online store, build more trust among customers, contain all purchases made by a customer in one place and attract more targeted customers.


  • Paypal Pro is a Paypal’s special service only for underwritten Paypal Business VIP accounts
  • PayPal Pro is only available to business users in a selected few countries. Thus, businesses are strongly advised to establish an enterprise in Singapore to open PayPal Business accounts and then do Underwriting.

3. Paypal Business Underwriting process

Global Link Incorporation advises merchants in handling their business accounts with Paypal, an online payment service. If you already have a PayPal business account, Global Link Incorporation will research if you are ready to do underwriting. If underwriting is appropriate for your business, we will guide you through the process and help you gather all needed information.

In case the enterprise have not opened a Paypal Business account yet, the Underwriting will consist of 4 following steps:

Step 1: Register a legal entity in Singapore: Global Link Incorporation provides a full-package Enterprise establishment service in Singapore. Before establishing the new entity, Global Link Incorporation will research the enterprises’ current situation and consult for a long-term strategy.

Step 2: Prepare all information required for opening PayPal Business accounts. This includes the enterprise’ information, PayPal account owner’ information, and other relevant information. Global Link Incorporation will also consult the strategies if the business owner has other PayPal accounts that have been locked or limited for 180 days.

Step 3: Global Link Incorporation will register a PayPal Business account for the Singapore enterprise in accordance with PayPal’s procedure.

Step 4: Account Underwriting: during the Underwriting process, the enterprise shall provide the information on business activities, verify their identity, provide financial reports, invoices, transaction history, etc. with PayPal. Global Link Incorporation will consult, guide and support you in preparing the documents and information for the best Underwriting results.


All the above-required information will be verified by PayPal. Therefore, your business must provide the most accurate information so that you can be approved for a loan without any problems. Wrong information may delay your application and negatively impact the approval process.

  • All the above required information will be verified by PayPal. Therefore, the enterprise should provide the most accurate information so the Underwriting process will not be interrupted. Wrongful information can complicate the Underwriting process and adversely affect the Underwriting results.
  • After the Underwriting process is complete, the account will be given a certain Hold, Reverse, etc. amount in their PayPal Business VIP accounts. Merchants may request to change this limit in the future to fit the enterprise’s growth. Global Link Incorporation will accompany the Merchants during this process.
  • Global Link Incorporation will work directly with PayPal Singapore to do underwriting faster and more properly.
  • In addition, Global Link Incorporation will continue to help customers when their accounts are being reviewed again or when the enterprise needs to increase the account limit for big sale seasons.

4. Under writing will help your Paypal accounts to be safe

Although the PayPal account is safeguarded by Paypal’s policy, the small business seller has to comply with PayPal’s regulations and policies, particularly:

  • If there are any changes to the owner’s personal information or finances, or any information about the organization like contact details or names, you need to update that quickly and correctly on Paypal’s website.
  • Always improve the store service as reducing delivery time, improving product quality and customer services, etc. to limit requirements of refund, chargeback and dispute in future. Poor service will affect the results of increasing volume & reducing reverse in future.
  • Make sure that you abide by all the rules and regulations because Paypal will lock your account if they find out that you’ve been selling prohibited goods, committing business frauds, etc. This means that Global Link Asia Consulting can not provide support to such offending merchants.

As you can see it is any challenge to make the best and fastest results of Paypal’s underwriting process. For companies in high-risk business lines (such as dropshipping, software or similar) it might be challenging to sustain a Paypal account all by yourself. Filling falsified Underwriting documents might also result in your account being limited for a longer time.

However, any issues can be resolved with the help of Global Link Asia Consulting’s specialists.

Global Link Incorporation – your trusted one-stop business service provider

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