If you are looking for complete information about services to Register a Company in Singapore  Registration Services, you have come to the right spot.

Running a company in Singapore is complicated, whether for setting up a brand new company, or just relocate an existing company to Singapore. The reality is that it’s not only open it but also hard figuring out how to run a successful business in a new country.

Luckily, you do not need to do the whole thing by yourself, Global Link Asia Consulting offers full services to help you run your new business in Singapore.

Check out the contents:

1- Everything to prepare for registering a company in Singapore

2- Registering company services: including the costs, timelines, and how to make the best choices.

3- Tips for running a business successfully in Singapore

Singapore company registration information

As mentioned, foreigners should have prepared well before registering a company in Singapore.

Choose the right types of business entities

First of all, you need to determine which type of business you want to set up with your new company are and if you are able to set up this type as a foreigner.

In general, there are 5 main types of business entities in Singapore, namely Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership. However, a business entity that foreigners most prefer is the Private Limited Company. The key advantages of this type are: (1) shareholders will not be held liable for any debt the company may incur. (2) The business can be incorporated with minimum requirements of at least one local Company Director and at least one shareholder, and (3) The business can have a  minimum of 1 shareholder to a maximum of 50 shareholders.

In case you wish to read more, please refer to Forms of business entities in Singapore

We advise you to follow this procedure before making the decision: 

Step 1 – Consider your needs. Choose the most suitable structure that meets your needs.

These following questions may help:

  • Are you an individual or a company?
  • How much capital are you prepared to invest in?
  • How many owners?
  • What liabilities and responsibilities do you have to assume?
  • What risks did you prepare to take?
  • What are the competitive advantages/ disadvantages of your company?

Step 2 – Make a decision: work remotely or relocate? Individual or company?

  • Foreign Entrepreneur Without Relocation

It is possible for foreign entrepreneurs who don’t plan to relocate to Singapore to set up a business here. Global Link Asia Consulting can help you look for a Nominee director to register a company in Singapore.

  • Foreign Entrepreneur With Employment Pass

You might be a foreign entrepreneur or professional who wants to relocate to Singapore to run your own company operations. You must have a degree and relevant working experience to apply for the Employment Pass. Global Link Asia Consulting can help you with the application process and share our experience here. 

  • Foreign Companies

Overseas companies choose Singapore to expand overseas. You can choose to register a Subsidiary Company, Branch Office, or a Representative Office. Read more at http://globallinkincorporation.com/for-foreign-companies/

Singapore company registration services

Singapore company registration service packages include: 

  • Registration with ACRA
  • Open A Corporate Bank Account
  • Apply for Business Licenses
  • Apply for Goods and Service Tax (GST) Registration
  • Obtain a local resident director
  • Comply with Annual Filing Requirements
  • Comply with Annual Income Tax Requirements

More information, more business tips

You may doubt “Why Singapore?”

Singapore is a unique business hub with developed infrastructure, political stability, open business policies, In Singapore, we use English as the main language, we respect intellectual property rights and have a low tax rate. 

Below are some highlights. Singapore is :

  • Rated #1 Easiest Place to Do Business in the world by World Bank
  • Rated #1 Best business environment in the Asia Pacific and the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Corporate tax rates are lower than 17 percent (for up to $200,000 profits), please refer Tax exemptions for newly incorporated companies in Singapore.-
  • Personal tax rates start at 0 percent and max out at 20 percent.
  • No auditing fees for privately-owned companies with revenue less than $5 million 

In case you wish to read more, please refer to Why Singapore? 

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