1. Register a company

If you are a foreign individual in Singapore and are looking to open a company in Singapore, this package is for you. This package includes providing a Nominee Director and local secretary to fulfill the statutory mandate.

Package details

1.1 Company Incorporation:

Global Link Incorporation will:

  • Assess client’s business needs and provide a comprehensive business strategy for the client before opening a company
  • Prepare all required documents to register a Private Limited company in Singapore. Company name will have the format “Company name” PTE. LTD.
  • Pay all required incorporation fees to the Singapore government
  • Provide Nominee Director Service for 01 (one) year
  • Provide a local secretary for 01 (one) year
  • Provide a registered office address in Singapore for 01 (one) year
  • Provide company seal and stamp
  • Provide corporate documents and a company stamp set
  • Assist to open a bank account in Singapore (or an online bank account in the United States (“the US”). Please note that the application outcome depends on the bank’s assessment.

1.2. Hire a Nominee Director for 1 year:

Singapore Business Laws require that each Singapore firm, subsidiary included, select a Nominee Director who is a Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or a work pass holder in Singapore (Employment Pass or higher). The Nominee Director may not be involved in the firm’s day-to-day operations, but will instead assist the owner in fulfilling the Singapore subsidiary’s obligations and requirements to the Singapore government.

The Nominee Director does not have to hold any share of the company. The company owner could choose to limit the role of this local Nominee Director in the business. Global Link Asia Consulting will facilitate and oversee this process to ensure that the local Nominee Director only carries out the required functions.

Note: A deposit is required by Global Link Asia Consulting to provide you the Nominee Director service. This deposit, less any outstanding fees or disbursements, will be refunded to you when the appointed Nominee Director resigns. The provision of a local director nominee is contingent on the evaluation of the client profile form. Please fill out our client profile form completely and truthfully.

1.3. Company Secretary for 1 year:

Each Singapore-based business is required to appoint a competent company secretary within six months of its formation. The company secretary must be well-versed in Singapore company laws and has prior expertise with them. The secretary functions as the company’s administrator, overseeing all elements of compliance.

  • SPECIAL: Free perks that come with this package:
    A free responsive website design for the newly incorporated company
  • A free registered domain name (.com) for the first year (note: hosting fee is not included)
  • Five corporate email addresses (5GB/1 email) with the registered domain name
  • 30-day FREE trial of QuickBooks Online – an international accounting solution for companies to track expenses, manage cash flow & create invoices better
  • Consultation on international payment solutions (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

2. Apply for an employment pass

The Employment Pass allows foreign professionals, managers, and executives to work in Singapore. Candidates need to earn at least $4,500 a month and have acceptable qualifications. Employers must also demonstrate that they have fairly considered all job-seekers who apply.

If you want to work in Singapore after forming a company, read on to find out more. Please note that the outcome of your application is not guaranteed and will be at Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower’s discretion.

2.1. Eligibility criteria for Singapore Employment Pass:

The Singapore Employment Pass is issued by the Ministry of Manpower and they are the approving authority for all applications. Among other considerations, the key eligibility criteria are as follows:

Key eligibility criteria for Employment Pass

  • Applicant must have a fixed monthly salary of at least 4500 SGD and more for applicants in the financial sector (as of September 2021)
  • Acceptable educational qualifications e.g degree or diploma from a reputed institution
  • Recognized Professional qualifications
  • Specialized skills
  • Related work experience

2.2. Documents Required For Filling Out An Employment Pass Application

  • Copy of passport
  • 1 passport size recent photo
  • Copies of educational certificates (above high school)
  • Copy of resume
  • Copies of past employment testimonials, appointment letters, etc, if available
  • 1-2 page document that outlines
    • A detailed description of the duties to be performed by the applicant and
    • A detailed description of activities and/or products of the company
  • If you have a similar existing business overseas, it would be helpful to provide details such as audited accounts, brochures, client contracts, website details, etc.

Obtaining Employment Pass has been made more difficult in recent years. The requirements to apply for an EP may change from time to time. Please visit the Ministry of Manpower website here for the most updated information.

Global Link Incorporation – your trusted one-stop business service provider

Global Link Incorporation is here to help you bring your business to the next level. We aim to be your trusted long-term business partner. Our team of professionals offers the following services:

Set up companies in various countries around the world such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA, the BVI, Seychelles, and so on: we leverage our rich experience to help you choose the best location for your business needs and budget.

Open bank accounts: we work directly with world-class banks to help you select the best banking option and increase your chance of successfully opening a bank account.

Optimize payment solutions: we work directly with multiple international payment solution partners to help you integrate various payment solutions, get better transaction fees, and optimize your business’ international cash flow.

Handle tax and accounting: we help you keep accounting records in accordance with international standards. We make complying with international regulations neat and seamless.

Register US Trademarks, Copyright, US Office Address, phone number, website domains: we can help you handle them all so that you can focus on your core business.

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